Life’s Handy Work

Over the past 12 years the children of Nepal Orphans Home were positively impacted by the numerous and generous donations of those who have supported our work in Nepal. Family, friends and strangers have ensured that many lives have been changed through access to higher education, which made the decision to dissolve Life’s Handy Work a hard one.

As our lives have become filled with the joys of parenthood, the obligations of work and needs of our local community, we found ourselves looking for ways to condense our time without minimizing our impact. Although we are closing this chapter of our lives, the spirit of Life’s Handy Work will carry forward as we continue to serve the the youth of Nepal through our friendship and partnership with Nepal Orphans Home by serving on their board, volunteering in Nepal, spreading awareness and fundraising. We hope you will follow Nepal Orphans Home on social media, sign-up for their email newsletter & continue to look for ways to support their cause. Thank you again, your support means the world. ♡

In Gratitude, Laura & Justin Nimick, Co-Founders