This time when we booked our Nepal trip, we splurged on insurance.

IMG_0750The last time we had our hearts set on traveling to Nepal, tickets in hand, the earthquake of 2015 struck three days before we were meant to leave. I was in Oregon, making a quick trip to meet my newly born nephew before we flew to Nepal for a visit, then on to India for the adoption of our son. We were sitting around my sister’s living room, cluttered with new baby stuff, when my mom caught a glimpse of the muted TV as scenes of rubble, destruction and devastation flipped across the screen – she caught the captions – Nepal, earthquake, death toll.

I was filled with sadness, panic and dread as I called Justin to discuss all of possibilities. Is everyone at NOH okay? Do we go? Is it safe? Can we get to India via Nepal? Ultimately, we decided to fly to Nepal as planned and I drove home from Oregon making a mental list of what we’d need to include when we re-packed our bags to accommodate emergencies supplies.

The day before we were supposed to leave we got an email from Michael, the director of Nepal Orphans Home, advising us not to come. He was worried that we’d be unable to fly out of Nepal, even though our flights had not been cancelled by the airlines. The silver lining was that the children and staff in Nepal were rattled, but OK. Knowing we HAD to be in India on May 7th, we rerouted our trip through Dubai. It was a scramble to rebook tickets, find accomodations and convince customer service agents not to charge us extra fees.

Fast forward three years and the world finally came full circle. In July we traveled to Nepal, with our son along for the ride.

IMG_6489We arrive in Nepal on July 6th, just in time to witness the marriage of our friends, Sam and Anita. We were greeted by friends, all of whom we’d met in past trips to Nepal. It was surreal to see Parks running through the wedding tent, playing with friends he’d just met, after spending so many years suspending our trip “just in case our adoption goes through” or due to the wrath of nature.

Needless to say, we’d been missing Nepal. The colors, the food, the sites, the history, and most of all – the people. In future posts we’ll be sharing about our time in Nepal, the people we’d been missing and the ongoing progress Nepal Orphans Home is making in Kathmandu and across Nepal.

Stay tuned!