Positive Impact Project

Teens committed to bettering themselves & others by increasing positivity and awareness to improve the lives of orphaned and impoverished youth in Nepal.

Kelahna | Student Organizer
Kelahna likes to read, crochet, and go outside. She enjoys helping others by volunteering, planning service projects and participating in leadership opportunities. She has a kind heart and is a strong servant-leader.
Alexis | Student Organizer
Alexis plays basketball and lacrosse at the high school level. She loves serving others through facilitating the Positive Impact Project and volunteering for organizations like Life’s Handy Work. She was inspired to work on this project after being in leadership with Mrs. Nimick.
Evie | Student Organizer
Evie is a cross country runner and tennis player. She enjoys photography and taking pictures. She loves serving others, whether it’s through ASB, service projects, or volunteering. She is very excited to be 
apart of an organization like Life’s Handy Work.
Maya | Student Organizer
Maya loves plants and going on hikes. She loves aiding others through volunteering. She has helped Life’s Handy Work with the annual Driftwood Dash and Paddle the last few years and is very excited to have the opportunity to  join the Positive Impact Project .

Current Project: Share the Love

Share the love by purchasing Pura Vida bracelets for yourself or a friend! Send an optional message with your bracelet to someone special. All proceeds will be used to educate youth in Nepal. Link to purchase coming soon.

Cost: $6

Pura Vida Bracelet
Colors: seafoam, lavender & burgundy w/silver charm

Get Involved

Virtual Meetings, Fundraisers & Service Projects

This group is open to teens who are looking to increasing positivity in their life by serving others. Join us virtually to learn more about Nepal, how poverty impacts opportunity and to help with service projects and fundraisers. Contact Laura@lifeshandywork.org for the meeting dates, time and link.

Positivity Project Goals

1. Awareness

  • Increase awareness about Nepal, human trafficking in Nepal, Nepal Orphans Home and other related topics
  • Present perspectives & life experiences from Nepal
  • Increase gratitude for what we have & relate happiness to a sense of well-being (not material items).

2. Fundraising

  • Raising funds for impoverished youth in Nepal.
  • Event Planning & Hosting

3. Service

  • Volunteer Projects
  • Potential Travel to Nepal to Volunteer

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